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There are so many details to ferret out when designing an embedded system!

For well over 30 years, Micro/sys has been on the phone, responding to email, and at the bench in support of OEM designs. Our Field Application Engineers are part of your design team - but not at 2:00am. Sorry.

So you'll find here a selection of things we think you might find helpful - 24/7. Some of it pertains to Micro/sys products. Some of it pertains to other vendors' products, like CPU or peripheral chips. Some of it pertains to general embedded system design issues.

We've tried to organize it logically, but the source material doesn't always cooperate. So pick around and see if you can find what you're looking for.

Happy browsing!

Micro/sys Catalog
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General Embedded System Design Information Download
"Chipping" Away at the Embedded Form Factor View
USB and StackableUSB: Enabling efficiency and the right scaling for today’s embedded board-level designs View
Rethinking Embedded System Partitioning View
StackableUSB™ Extended Power White Paper
XEC LCD for the i.MX515 White Paper
Interrupts and USB White Paper
Features of the StackableUSB™ Interface Article
Embedded Reality Check View
The Effect of Power Failure on Disk Reliability White Paper
Evaluating Panels for Compatibility with Micro/sys VGA Interfaces White Paper
Embedded Software White Paper
Embedded Netsock (UDP/IP) White Paper
Using 82C55 devices for LCD, keypad, and LPT
Implementing RS485 Communication
Embedding Linux into PC/104 Systems Article
Embedded PCs for Medical Systems Article
Undersea Robot with Embedded PC Article
PC/104 Specification
EPIC Specification
PC/104 Eases the Transition to Wireless
EPIC Express: A Bridge to the Future for High-Performance I/O
High-Precision Data Acquisition Boards - Why You Should Buy, Not Design Article
PC/104 Technology Expands to Embrace ARM Processors
Focus on Small Form Factors: EPIC
Matching Device Drivers with Embedded Hardware
Migrating a DOS-Based Application to Linux: A Digital I/O Example
An EPIC Tale: PC/104 Hitches On To PCI Express

FPGA/CPLD Embedded Design Documents Download
Advantages of FPGAs on SBCs White Paper
Improving Performance in Spartan-6 FPGA Designs White Paper
Unlock New Levels of Productivity for Your Design Using ISE Design Suite 12 White Paper
FPGAs: Fast Track to DSP White Paper

Device Data - CPU and AT Core Devices Download
Intel 386EX CPU Databook
Intel 188EB Databook
ST Microelectronics STPC Industrial CPU Databook
83C37 DMA Device Datasheet
82C54 Timer Device Datasheet
82C55 Digital I/O Device Datasheet
82C59A Interrupt Controller Device Datasheet
PC/104 Bus Capabilities of the SBC1625 ARM Processor Board

Device Data - Super I/O, Video, Ethernet Download
37C666 Floppy and IDE Datasheet (SMSC)
37C669 Super I/O Datasheet (SMSC)
65545 VGA Controller Datasheet (Asiliant/C&T)
69000 VGA Controller Datasheet (Asiliant/C&T)
LAN61C96 10BASE-T Controller Datasheet (SMSC)
82559 10/100BASE-T Controller Datasheet (Intel)

Device Data - Miscellaneous Download
85230 ESCC Dual USART Datasheet (Zilog)
DS12885 CMOS Clock Datasheet (Dallas)
MAX197 A/D Converter Datasheet (Maxim)
MAX525 D/A Converter Datasheet (Maxim)
MAX526 D/A Converter Datasheet (Maxim)
MAX7000 CPLD Datasheet (Altera)

Micro/sys Product and Company Information Download
Embedded Netsock (UDP/IP) White Paper
Ordering Linux Pre-installed on Micro/sys Computers
Micro/sys Y2K Compatibility Matrix
OEM Stackthrough Special Configurations
Terms and Conditions for International Sales
Visiting Micro/sys
SBC1390 Wireless Ordering Information

Other Web Sites - ICs, Operating System, Drivers URL
Xilinx programmable logic device information
Freescale Semiconductor ARMs, sensors, power management devices
Lattice programmable logic device information
Microchip microcontrollers and analog products
Altera programmable logic device information
Asiliant (Chips & Technologies) VGA information
General Software embedded BIOS
Intel architecture CPUs, Ethernet, flash information
M-Systems DiskOnChip flash disk information
Maxim Semi (and Dallas Semi) A/D, D/A, RTC information
Red Hat Linux information
SMSC Super I/O and Ethernet information
ST Microelectronics STPC CPU information
Ardence Inc, Phar Lap ETS information
Wind River Systems, VxWorks RTOS information
Zilog device information



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