A History of Embedded Control Solutions

Since 1976, Micro/sys has helped spread the use of microprocessor technology into Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) systems, supplying embeddable computers that can be turned into highly specific internal automation systems across a broad variety of OEM product segments.

Using 8080A microprocessors at first, the company’s initial products offered AC power control and timekeeping functions. Peripheral control, systems expansion, development systems, and I/O functions followed quickly, along with integrated single board computers.

Micro/sys has embraced open system standards from the beginning, as these standards offer our customers the most flexibility, and assure competitive pricing. Product offerings have included MULTIBUS, STD Bus, VMEbus, PC/104, PC/104-Plus and EBX standards, and company personnel have served on the Boards of a number of embedded industry trade associations.

Today, Micro/sys offers a wide range of processor choices, from cost effective 80C188-based computers through Pentium-based powerhouses, and supporting peripheral and I/O products.

Micro/sys is located in Montrose, California, about 12 miles north of Los Angeles.

The Micro/sys Mission

The company’s mission is to provide OEM customers with reliable, high quality internal control and connectivity products that are integrated, easy to use, and incorporate open standards wherever possible.

The Micro/sys “Mentality”

To be of benefit to an OEM customer, we believe our products must be integrated, and upon receipt, must be as close to “turnkey” as possible. Designers evaluating our products as possible solutions to their automation needs must be able to start development immediately.

In these days of high performance embedded systems on small footprints, with a broad array of operating systems available, this requires a “systems” mentality. Micro/sys Application Engineers want to know how they can best meet the needs of your unique system – operating systems, programming languages, update rates, connectivity, etc. We offer some operating systems pre-installed on selected models, Board Support Packages for others, and sometimes, good old verbal advice and referrals.

In addition to embedding increasing processor power, such as Pentiums, Micro/sys has never lost sight of the continuing need for simple, low cost OEM product automation in many market segments. We continue to offer the strongest line of embeddable controllers, many based on the 80C188 processor, offering PC compatibility at a low cost. In between is a strong offering of 386 and 486 models. Micro/sys believes in matching the right processor to each application.

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