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Embeddable Vision Controllers and Computers

Use the table below for details on Micro/sysí camera-ready single board computers. These ARM processors are ideal for high-performance vision processing applications in rugged, harsh environments that require single or multi-volume camera connectivity to a single computer.

Micro/sys' vision controllers and computers are also available as Vision Development Kits to ease development of your vision application. Or, if your application is ready and just needs a camera to run with your Micro/sys single board computer, check out the cameras already seamlessly integrated with our vision controllers and computers.

    SBC5651 SBC1654 SBC1655 SBC1656 SBC4661
SBC Datasheet
Processor ARM® Cortex® A8 A8 A8 A8 A9
NXP Freescale CPU Family i.MX515 i.MX515 i.MX515 i.MX515 i.MX6
Neon® GPU
Cores Single Single Single Single Quad
Camera Hardware Interfaces MIPI® CSI℠    
FLIR® Thermal Imaging    
GigE Vision®
USB3 Vision™        
CameraLink HS™        
CameraLink® Base        
Camera Software Supported GeniCam™
Display & Video Interfaces HDMI® 1.4 Type A        
LVDS Interface
TFT Interface
MIPI DSI        
FPGA Vision Processing Xilinx Spartan®-6    
Xilinx Kintex®-7        
Other Development Kit Get more details about our Vision Development Kits
Operating Temp -40° to +85°C -40° to +85°C -40° to +85°C -40° to +85°C -40° to +85°C
Mechanical Pico-ITX PC/104 PC/104 PC/104 EPIC
Ordering Information See Datasheets for Configurations & Options

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