LCD Flat Panel Enclosures
  • Stand alone display and enclosure for 6.4, 10.4, and 17" flat panel displays
  • Easy cable exits for cords and/or ribbon cables to embedded computers
  • Black anodized aluminum for 6.4", 10.4" or 17" LCD
  • Louvered for air flow and heat dissipation
  • Easy access mounting holes

6.4" Flat Panel Kit with Enclosure
The ENC-FP enclosure is an ideal packaging solution for systems where the embedded computer box needs to be separate from the display.

There are three display sizes: 6.4, 10.4 and 17 inch. Each enclosure accomodates the flat panel and backlight inverter. Touchscreen and serial touchscreen controllers are also available for all displays.

Ribbon cables for interfacing between the display and CPU board are provided.
  TTL interfaces have 12" cables, LVDS interfaces have 3' cables. There is a .125" slot for the ribbon cable exit and a .187" dia. hole for other cables.

There is an internal terminal strip for power distribution inside the box.

Four front-mounting holes on the face make surface attachment of the display box easy and fast.

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