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April 26, 2010     

StackableUSB™ Standards Organization Moves to Incorporate USB 3.0

Montrose, CA... As StackableUSB gains market recognition in the embedded, sensor, military and robotic industries, Chairperson Susan Wooley has announced the organization is moving forward with the approval of a single USB 3.0 channel inside the popular StackableUSB connector. By defining pins which had "quietly" been left undefined, the USB 3.0 channel will enable the StackableUSB connector to deliver actual throughput greater than 5 Gbits/sec which is 10 times the speed of a single Hi-Speed USB channel. With this announcement, StackableUSB gains throughput similar to PCIe Gen 2.0 and Serail ATA (SATA) III without the burden of mixing these very complex and distinctly different protocols inside a single connector.

While being electrically and mechanically backward compatible with USB 2.0, USB 3.0 has features which match well with StackableUSB and embedded applications in general. USB 3.0 supports the more efficient asynchronous transfer model which is particularly well suited to industrial applications and ROTS systems. USB 3.0 allows devices to draw up to 900mA which is a feature StackableUSB has incorporated from its beginnings. Additionally, USB 3.0 implements power saving techniques which are important to embedded users, such as allowing inactive devices to remain in low-power states and charging over USB.

Embedded applications requiring fast transfer rates of large volumes of data to external storage devices or applications transferring video will be the initial benefactors of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. Design engineers will gain the advantage of USB 3.0ís increased bandwidth, ubiquity, and ability to provide content protection. This stated, USB 2.0 is still the mainstay of embedded development and applications today. The significance of this adoption of USB 3.0 by StackableUSB lies in the roadmap it provides users into the future. Users of StackableUSB can rest comfortably knowing the electrical and mechanical board-to-board communication standard they are building their products around today is "forward-compatible" with the evolution of embedded chips, sensors and software. StackableUSB will support USB 3.0 and additional technological advances in the same manner USB 2.0 is supported today.

About StackableUSB:
StackableUSB ruggedizes USB, I2C, and SPI into compact form factors enabling the technology to move into harsh environments such as industrial control systems, mobile, hand-held, military, medical, and remote communications applications. Visit for more information on StackableUSB and its ability to increase throughput as technology advances.


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