LCD Flat Panel/ Touchscreen Kits
  • 6.4", 10.4" and 17" LCD Flat Panel displays
  • Touch screen options available for all displays
  • Kits include backlights, controller boards and cables
  • Available for all Micro/sys CPUs

17" Flat Panel Kit with Touch screen
These LCD flat panel kits ease integration of LCD flat panels into your application. The LCD flat panels provided are high quality, industrial grade active-matrix panels from LG. They are available in three standard sizes, 6.4", 10.4" and 17", all with increasing resolution as size increases. The touch screens are analog resistive screens manufactured by 3M with serial controller interfaces.   Each LCD flat panel kit has a single part number that indicates the display size, power requirement and signal type. The last four digits of the part number reference the Micro/sys CPU to which the LCD flat panel interfaces. This prevents ordering an LCD flat panel that will not connect to your CPU.

Included in the kit are the cables, converters, and controllers required to interface to your CPU board. Each kit is a ready to run solution. Select the display of your choice and be running with your CPU today!

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