Enclosure for PC/104, 5" x 5", EPIC, and EBX
Computer Boards
  • Black anodized aluminum with steel thread inserts
  • Mounting for industry standard CPU form factors
  • Raised floor provides protected area for cable routing
  • Multiple connector and fan cutouts
  • Over 100 pieces of mounting hardware plus a screwdriver to ease assembly
  • Custom features available

Development Kit Enclosure
The ENC104-4 enclosure is ideal packaging for a development kit, proof-of-concept box, or OEM application. It accepts PC/104, 5”x 5”, EPIC, and EBX-sized computer boards. The ENC104-4 also has mounting holes for Snap Microcontroller boards, DIN Rail, various power supplies, fan, floppy/hard drives, cables, screw terminals and breakout boards.

The ENC104-4 side panels provide mounting locations for AC/line-filter, fan, four DB9 connectors, a DB25 connector, power switch, reset switch and pass-through holes for various cables.

  The subfloor is raised 1.1” allowing cables to pass below the assembly. Standard floppy/hard drives can also be mounted below the subfloor. Screw terminal boards can be mounted to provide easy and secure connection of system I/O.

The ENC104-4 is easily mounted into a rack as a single unit or embedded into your chassis by using the four external mounting holes. This makes field service and maintenance easier and faster.

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