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Private Label Embedded Components
Custom PC/104 board developed from our extensive CAD-library. Includes hardware and software components.

Need a single board computer entirely customized to your specific needs or some minor changes done to one of our standard models? Or maybe you need a turnkey system that is ready to bolt in and use, or have an application that requires a unique enclosure?

Ask us about our Private Label Program. Micro/sys can play a vital role in your product development by helping to expedite your design effort and remove hidden costs, and by turning more than twenty-five years of experience into your competitive edge. Here's how we do it.

Let's say you know exactly what you want and just can't find it among the standard single board computer products, or you want a special configuration on a standard model, or want to specify a computer board with
a specific set of options
Customization of our existing Panel PC for an in-house project at the City of Los Angeles Fire Department  
all as one part number. We will create a custom product for you! Send us your specifications so we can evaluate your requirements against our existing designs. We will quote you a configuration cost based on modification to one of our CAD-based designs. Or, we may choose to quote your requirement as a clean sheet of paper design. Either way, our delivery for a first article, beta run, or production quantities will be at your door four weeks after you approve drawings that have part numbers you have chosen.

If there is one constant in enclosures for embedded systems it's that every application has unique needs. Again, our Private Label Program may be your solution. It is our goal to offer a broad line of embeddable enclosures as a foundation from which you can build. For years, Micro/sys' broad line of standard enclosures has served as the foundation for off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom designs. Our CAD-based library is a collection of building blocks that have been combined and revised to fit many companies' needs from prototyping through production.

And for any of our custom products, you will benefit from being able to use the same ordering number - four days or four years later! We will deliver your product to you again, and again. If your customer needs a special version, we are waiting - ready to make modifications to prints in our CAD library.

A turnkey chemical plant controller designed and manufactured for Dow Chemical

  Floor-standing kiosk custom-built for commercial/industrial application
Easily and quickly, you will be able to respond to your customer's unique need because we can have special run product delivered to your door with minimal effort. If this sounds like a service that would ease your system development efforts, save money in your design efforts and get you to market more quickly, give us a call today and let us help you implement your system design.


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